Complete Campaign Management

We handle everything that involves your media campaign – planning, negotiations, traffic, production bids, script writing, and timely, actionable posting.

Media Planning Flowcharts

Tracks media, budgets, and results.

Monthly & Quarterly Posts

We will provide you with monthly and quarterly reports that summarize the delivery of your campaign – total GRPs (gross rating points), daypart breakout, etc.

Invoicing & Auditing

One easy invoice! MediaDex audits all station invoices upon receipt, then forwards to you for payment. We attach all station invoices to the back of our invoice and pay the stations as soon as we receive your payment.

Competitive Spending Reports

See what your competition is doing any time you want! We automatically provide this to you on a quarterly basis. Track market trends and stay informed.

Increase your market share with the same budget.
Maximize your return on investment.
Smart Media Buying