Dex Laske

Thanks to Dex and his streamlined approach, his direct attitude towards making media more efficient, and his endless lessons (Dexisms), he shaped MediaDex into what it is today.  If you watch TV, chances are you have seen a brand Dex has been involved in. His extensive media buying career was more than 40 years and […]

Liz Kiley

Liz is a seasoned professional with more than 30 years of experience in a variety of industries including media, technology, fashion and sports. Her experience in Strategy, Sales and Marketing drives revenue growth, helps initiate strategic conversations, and focuses on change management. She helped over 300 large to small-cap senior leadership teams to successfully move […]

Erin Perrin

Erin spent over a decade at the start of her career supporting the Partners at a Missouri law firm as they fought for justice on behalf of injured clients.  She has carried that passion and motivation to help clients achieve incredible outcomes into her work at MediaDex, where she can think creatively and analytically within […]

Maureen Kiley

Maureen brings extensive Sales and Account Service experience from her early days at AT&T. Joining MediaDex in early 2011, she now manages one of our longest clients of 22 years.  Balancing account management with frequent media buying and new business outreach, she is always on the go! Her jargon-free, no-nonsense approach makes it easy to […]

Chris Majestic

Chris is an Ohio native and started his career in restaurant management. As our seasoned buyer for over a decade, he tirelessly coordinates media buys and has a real passion for the success of our clients. Chris was trained by Dex Laske – and he embodies the spirit of our proven approach,  which he applies […]

Inga Spigener

Based in Tampa Bay, Inga brings more than 18 years of experience in sales, marketing and broadcast television.  She brings great energy to every client, and has become an expert in creating multi-channel opportunities for her diverse client base over the years.   Prior to joining MediaDex, she managed multiple accounts for WFLA NewsChannel 8 […]

Bill Laske

Bill is a media veteran.  He brings more than 35 years of marketing and media planning, buying and analysis experience to MediaDex. He started his career at Nissan’s global headquarters in Tokyo, where he managed a multi-million dollar budget.  He is our leader in building strong relationships, is our sounding board for new ideas, and […]

Mike Kiley

Since 1999 Mike has been tirelessly coaching clients to great success. He is, at heart, our data scientist, financial expert, (previous CFO, and Arthur Young CPA back in the day) storyteller, our Founder and illustrious Leader. Mike has a propensity to drive through challenges, whether it is at 4 am or 4 pm. He is […]