Gerald Schackow

We’ve been on the air for more than ten years.  But now, all of a sudden, everywhere we go, people are telling each one of us that they see us on TV all the time.

Kenny Stapleton

While working with MediaDex in Atlanta for the past 16 years, the MediaDex team has always been committed to delivering the best for their clients, while being a great partner for our television stations. They truly understand the changing media landscape and they offer a straightforward approach for success.

Dwuan Hammond

Our partnership with MediaDex has been a strategic move that continues to pay off.  The MediaDex commitment to our success and the effectiveness of their strategies are undeniable. They have consistently delivered results and we are excited to see our market presence expand even further.

Brandy Clark

The MediaDex staff is very responsive, and in all our years of working with them, the leadership team has never once let us buy their lunch—they always pick up the tab–frankly an unprecedented act of kindness and humility in this industry.

Elizabeth Lanning

We have worked with MediaDex for nearly two decades and their no-nonsense, highly strategic approach to media buying always yields great results.  They have high expectations from their media partners, but are consistently fair in every negotiation.

Javier Gomez

MediaDex is very knowledgeable in today’s media buying environment and what’s new in advertising.  They are up to date with all social media platforms and they know my customers.  They also get me great results in sales.  Great team!

Chaya Cardonick

The whole MediaDex team has  been a dream to work with. Their wealth of knowledge and the support that they provide to our company is unmatched, and they are an invaluable part of our arsenal. I give my highest recommendations to MediaDex!

Keith Martin

We have been with MediaDex for over 20 years. They are extremely effective and constantly deliver, or over-deliver, as promised. The entire team is super knowledgeable and dependable.

Michelle Markstrom

Thanks to MediaDex, we have been able to double our TV advertising exposure with no increase in budget. It’s truly a pleasure to work with people who do what they say they’ll do.

Janelle Shumaker

In the landscape of traditional and digital media, MediaDex has been a true partner.  Their expertise in media buying, from broadcast to online video and CTV, helps fill the complete marketing funnel for us.  They are also great at providing in-depth reporting, and even created a custom dashboard to track KPIs for us.